Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 43

Hello Week 43...a week where I thought I would struggle to find enough photos to make a two page spread, but ended up with plenty :)

 To be honest, it's the weeks where I have to search a bit deeper  that turn out being my favourites.

For example, the bottom left corner is a graphic from a series that Riley downloads off the internet each and every week as it's released...and then texts his mates discussing the latest instalment. I love that these little snippets of everyday life are recorded, and it's only because it was a "slow" week around here that I thought to include it.

 I caught Lydia one afternoon writing a list of all the things she loves about Christmas, so I handed her a journaling card and asked her to write it on there. Not only does it capture her excitement about Christmas (even though it is still October...she is crazy about Christmas!) but it's also  a record of her handwriting at age that ;)

Again, I used Linda's Clementine kit as the base for this weeks spread. I've probably used her kit more than I've used my own LOL! And just for the record...I keep on thinking I have the Cobalt kit, but it is actually the Turquoise kit...just in case you think I'm losing my mind :)

Have a great day

TTFN xxx


dawn said...

I love your pages and photos. Great idea getting little things from your kids, I LOVE THIS!! My daughter loves Christmas and I included her wish list a couple weeks ago in my PL. Isn't it great that we can have all these memories to look back on. The journal cards with the pictures on them look cute, I just did that for my first time and love them.

AWESOME AWESOME layouts below, way to go on getting them done. I have lots of l/o to catch up on.

Enjoy your week and great job on keeping up with PL.

Hope said...

Well done! Great spread of photos and memories, as per usual. :) Love the colour scheme.