Sunday, October 7, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 39

Hello Project Life Week 39...a week dedicated to my dear friend Linda :)

 Linda (and Tracey and Josh too!) came to visit me the other day, and brought with her a box of Project Life Clementine kit goodies. She has been using Clementine for her PL this year, but has made some decisions on where her own PL journey is going, and decided to part with her kit...and gave it to me! How lucky am I?

Of course, I had to break into it straight away. It is so so different from the Cobalt kit that I am (occasionally) using...I put it down to Clementine being released in the second year of PL. It seems to be so much more versatile, easy to use, and I love the colours in it!

 I added the orange polkadots and a few other bits and pieces, but mainly stuck with the kit. Of course, in my head I am now thinking the purchase of the Olive kit for next year might be not such a bad so naughty!

Week 39 marked the end of Term 3 of the school year, which is a frightening prospect! Next year I'm looking at, not only two high school students (arrrggghhh!) , but three different schools. It's enough to make me shudder! LOL

I really do need to thank you so much for your kind comments here lately...I appreciate them more than you know,  and feel blessed to have such encouraging blog readers. A  special welcome to my new followers too :)

Have a wonderful Sunday

TTFN xxx


Hope said...

Ooh, love the orange and blue together. You're flying through these now, brilliant!

laurajane said...

Lovely,it's going to be a wonderful year book.

Linda said...

Glad to see you are putting my little box to good use it was feeling very neglected at my house.
Have a good week.