Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chevron + polkadots = cute!

After what turned out to be a crazy busy week around here, I finally had a chance to add some polkadottie goodness to my Sweetwater Label Crew tablerunner today :)

Can I just say,

chevron + polkadots = cute!

I'm sort of wishing I had some more of this gorgeous Annie's Farm Stand fabric in my stash...but then, I usually think that about most of my fabrics when I use up what I have :) Thus why I hoard my favourites...a tendency I am trying to overcome!

I tossed up not adding the label, but came to the (very sensible) conclusion that I can't keep on collecting the labels either ...I'm running out of room around here, and the whole point of Sweetwater Label Crew is the labels. Right?

Yes. I have issues :)

Did you have a lovely Saturday? I had a couple of hours alone in my house today...and it was blissful :)

TTFN xxx


Hope said...

Wonderful! At least now the fabric will be out where you can see it. :) The label is perfect, good decision.

Good to hear you had some alone time. :)

One Crafty Mumma said...

Eeek!! This is amazingly gorgeous. I love, love, love, love, LOVE it!!! You are so clever and have the most beautiful eye for colour combinations.
Mel x

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

I understand what you are saying but isn't it nice to see it made up and out for you to enjoy every day :O) Perfect label too

Tracey said...

Total love, including the label.
love me :-)

Anthea said...

Just gorgeous Suzi, perfect for our sunny weather! Oh I envy you the ALONE time, i don't get that very much at all now...

Kate said...

That is so beautiful!

Vicki Stenning said...

Really pretty! Susan you are very clever, beautiful fabric, beautiful pattern and beautiful label! Love it! Your home must be gorgeous with all your fabric treats about :) x

Noela said...

Love your table runner. Very striking with the red and white.