Friday, January 18, 2013

Everyday simple things.

I was out of bed very early this morning.

There is nothing quite like that time of the morning, when the rest of the house is still asleep (minus the husband  you've just dropped at the airport), and you're drinking your first cup of tea, and sewing your first (and sometimes only)stitches of the is so peaceful and calm and  perfect for pondering :)

While doing all of the above this morning, my eyes rested on my new copy of The Simple Things (have you checked out this magazine yet? It's made by the same people as Mollie Makes, and is really really good)

I flipped it over to the back, and the blurb was a list of everyday simple things that bring the writer joy. Things like spotting a friend in a crowd and watching films on a Sunday afternoon...simple stuff.

Of course, that got me thinking about things that make me happy...everyday simple things that make my heart sing and bring a smile to my face. Have you ever stopped to write a list? Once I started, I just couldn't stop :)

A spoonful of butter melting into warm toast.

A steaming hot shower.

Unexpected happy mail.


A strong cup of tea in a polkdot mug.

A wagging tail at the back door.

A text from my husband.

Wandering through the grocery aisles,all by myself.

The clink of the spoon on my icecream bowl.

An empty ironing basket.

Giggling children.

Catching up on my favourite blogs.

Stitching while dangling my feet in the pool.

Sliding into crisp clean sheets on a freshly made bed.

That new book smell as you open the first page.

The cry of "Mummy!" when I walk in the front door.

The anticipation of a new week.

The chocolate tip at the bottom of a Drumstick cone.

And this was just the beginning...there sure is a lot to be grateful for.

Maybe you could try making a list of simple things yourself? It only takes a minute...or it can take all day if you prefer :)

Have a beautiful, blessed day

TTFN xxx


Linda said...

Lovely post, i will have to go and find that mag.

Hope said...

What a wonderful idea! There are so many things that make me happy. I get quite excited over small things, it's a good thing Martin doesn't mind being called to witness things that I find amazing, Or listening to how wonderful I think something is - it happens quite a bit.

Sharon Manning said...

Love this.....I have written my list now too. Thanks for the reminder Susan x

dawn said...

LOVE LOVE THIS and some of your simple things are what I enjoy too. Here is a quick list for me

hot tea every morning
trees, all trees every tree
clouds, especially the big ones
sunshine thru the trees
sharpies, paper they go together
a new book and quiet time in my chair
fresh fruit on SALE
Summer's smile
Renee's singing
Sam holding doors open for me and girls
my fave blogs
Sienna's JOY
Colt's cars and sweet smile
my pillow each night
my heart filled after church
all of us in the van singing and having fun
smell of brownies
happy mail
my slippers and fave sweatshirt
watching Sam play sports
artwork by my kids

Ok that's my list for now. Thanks Susan for making me remember these today. HUGS!