Saturday, January 19, 2013

The 12 Months Of Christmas - January Edition and Order of Work

Firstly, can I just say...I am so so excited about our 12 Months Of Christmas project!

Thank you to our wonderful friends, old and new,  who have decided to join in with Tracey, Linda and I in creating a Christmas project each month in 2013. Hopefully by the time December rolls around, we will all be feeling a little more prepared, and ready to celebrate a wonderful, handcrafted Christmas :)

Since January is a month of planning, it is totally optional for you to work on a project this month....HOLD ON, it's totally optional every month :) This group is all about make what you'd like to make each month. We are just here to offer encouragement, hopefully some inspiration, and to share what we are making. What you choose to create is totally up to you ;)
For my January project, I decided  to make up some clock Christmas ornaments which were designed by the  Sweetwater girls a few years back ...the labels have been sitting in my craft room ever since.

Of course, once I set my mind to actually making them, they were quite a quick and easy project.

The labels came as a set of six, but my sixth clock is still drying on my clothesline, after I realised I had pricked my finger while handstitching the opening closed, and bled all over it...LOL...not a very festive look ;)

The girls and I had a little brainstorming session about what we'd like to make this year, and came up with the following list for the first half of the year:

FEBRUARY : Christmas Tree Skirt

MARCH: Christmas Table Runner

APRIL: Christmas stockings

MAY: Advent calendar OR square table topper

JUNE: Catch up month (we are all doing a Mystery BOM through the Fat Quarter Shop, so will be using June to complete that, and work on anything else that needs finishing!)

There are some fabulous Christmas Tree Skirt patterns floating around the are links to some of our favourites:

I had in my mind an image of a skirt with appliqued houses, and after much searching I found it in the 2005 Christmas In July issue of Homespun magazine:

So this is the pattern I'll be attempting (but with my own, polkadottie twist to it)...thank goodness we have included a catch-up month!

So now is the time to take a look around, have a think about what you'd like to make, and start preparing for your February will be here before we know it :)

Happy planning

TTFN xxx


Linda said...

Right, I'm going for the easiest quickest did I say easiest skirt out there.

Hope said...

That is a cute tree shirt! Hmm... I don't have a tree, so no skirt for me. I will have a look at what fabric I have in my stash and have a think. Perhaps February should be the month I finish my Dream Big quilt?

Noela said...

Love your clock ornaments. Sweetwater is great, have been in their label club for a while now. Hugs....

Sandi said...

The list sounds good to me, I have some chrissy tags I want to see if I can finish off for January but have just finished helping my mother move and found out that I will be baby sitting my grandson for this whole week...hopefully he sleeps at some stage.

dawn said...

I'm so excited about this post Susan, so happy you girls are doing this!! I do have my first project idea for this month, hoping to start on it RIGHT AWAY! I am using an idea in a magazine that seems fitting to my color scheme for this Christmas and it's super simple, YEA!! Will let you know when it's done.

I LOVE LOVE these clock ornaments so much Susan, they are beautiful and perfect for the tree.

My journal/planner is already started too, keep these ideas coming. What a great tree skirt you picked out too!!
Thanks again!

Nicky said...

Those clocks are adorable, so sweet. You have some big Christmas plans for the year, have fun, you will feel so proud of yourself and super organised at Christmas 2013...

PS - Love your everyday simple things post, fantastic!