Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Project Life 2013 - thoughts, kits and Week One

Hello Project Life 2013, and a big hello to PL Olive Edition and Mayfield happy to have you in my hot little hands (finally!)

The most ridiculous thing happened to me this week. I suffered from a MAJOR case of Project Life stage fright. There I was, with all this gorgeous new product to use and a nice fresh album to begin , and I was almost paralyzed with indecision...what colour to go with? What kit to use? And should I be using these things up, being so new and shiny and all?

The fact that I recently completed a whole year of PL was suddenly irrelevant. 

I had  been thinking a lot about how I want to approach this new year of PL, and part of that process has been looking at lots of other peoples pages...BIG mistake. Instead of being inspired, I started doubting myself and my style, my photos and my handwriting, and every other aspect that is my way of doing PL.

After several attempts, LOTS of paper shuffling and a good personal talking to, I pulled myself together and went with what I know best...polkadots :)

Of course, it all just fell into place after that :)

I am SOOOO not a one range/one kit type of girl...that is for sure. I need variety. So I pulled out all the kits I now own...Turquoise, Clementine, Olive and Mayfield...and chose elements from there. I also used the backs of 4x6 cards from my oldest kit to mount the photos and journaling cards onto...they need using up!

 During the last week or two, I have had a major sort out of my opened embellishments / sticker sheets etc, and have cut some of the remaining items off the sheets and sorted them into little bowls on my desk, by colour. That way, when I am looking to embellish my pages they are right at my fingertips, and I can top up with more as required...I have quite a few floating around :)  So far, this is working extremely well (hello stash busting!)

 One thing I would like to do more of this year is journal a little more in depth, so my plan is to utilize the "long journalers" more...there are two on this weeks spread. When I run out, I will make more.

I've also included my thoughts on my One Little Word for this year, which is RECLAIM. Love that these are down on paper, and part of my story for 2013.

So there you have it. Week One is now done, and I can take a deep breath and move on.

TTFN xxx

P.S. Thank you so much for your great  response to our 12 Months of Christmas project for this year...I"M EXCITED! I plan to put up a guide for what The Three of Us plan to make in the next little while, and you can either join with us, or do your own thing...anything goes! We can all help each other along, and keep each other motivated. Did I mention I'm excited? WOOOHOOOOO!


Sharon Manning said...

Oh Susan you should have slapped yourself not talked to yourself!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha LOVE IT!

Hope said...

You have no reason to doubt yourself whatsoever. Your pages are always beautiful, your style is lovely, your handwriting is perfection and your photos are great! I always find your PL inspiring. So glad you got going and got it done. :)

Linda said...

Stash busting, great idea. Now learn from this whenever you have lost your mojo head straight for the Polk a dots.

dawn said...

Susan, I know what you mean about looking at other blogs, same goes for me and especially when it comes to my art. BELIEVE ME YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT MY FRIEND, YOUR PAGES ARE ALWAYS GORGEOUS AND TELL THE SWEETEST STORIES OF LITTLE AND BIG MOMENTS. SO JUST HAVE FUN!!

HORRAY HORRAY FOR WEEK ONE BEING DONE, GREAT JOB AND I LOVE LOVE IT!! Now I really want to order a PL KIT, aaahhhh gotta stay srong for now, lol.

LOVE LOVE the polka dots, the collages, his doing the dishes, so glad your dog is doing ok how awful for all of you, keep him COOL!! You covered it all and it looks great.

You showed me a great way to use up those day stickers, I never thought to put them on washi tape, BRILLIANT!! I use to stick them right to the photos in the first year, didn't look so good. Now I will start using up all mine, YIPPEE!! I will also use up my old stashes also. Get rid of the old so I can bring in some NEW!!

Keep up the good work!!

I will post about the 12 months of Christmas on my blog too. SO EXCITED!!