Monday, January 28, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week Four

Hello Week Four...already?

This week was all about the red, white and blue for Australia Day!

Since I had quite a few photos from Australia Day that I wanted to include, and found some great free printables from Lovely Living ,I decided to just go with those colours for the whole spread :)  

The left side documented the first part of our week, so I kept the Australia-themed goodies to a minimum.
Grumpy Cat simply had to rate a mention this week...oh my, he makes me laugh! Each day I am updated with Grumpy Cat memes from my darling son, who finds him just as amusing as me LOL.

The right side is all Australia Day based...from what we ate for breakfast, to Triple J's Hottest 100, to the Perth Skyworks that we attended in the evening.

The free printables were actually designed for 2012, but some strategically placed number stickers fixed that very easily :)

So that was Week Four...another week documented, and the first month of the year almost over. Wow.

Thanks so much for all of your lovely comments here recently...I have really enjoyed popping back to visit you and finding some great new blogs to read along the way :) A special hello to my new followers too...welcome!

TTFN xxx


dawn said...

WOW WOW WOW!! I love this red,white,blue theme SOOOOOO much. It's always been my favorite color combo, LOOKS SO COOL HERE!! I will have to get those downloaded and save them for our 4th of July holiday.

That cat story is my kind of funny too. So good to see you in the photos again, keep it up. HOORAY for having a new friend trying out Project Life, how awesome that you can help her!! The firework photos are AWESOME AWESOME!! It is tricky to get good ones of those but yours looks great. We don't like the crowds for ours either so we wait till Labor Day and go see some that are AWESOME and not so crowded.
Great job on all 4 weeks being done and look great. Pat yourself on the back!!

Linda said...

Who or what is grumpy cat, never heard of it. What song was top of the countdown i listened to about a third of it bit of course missed the end. Your pages look amazing.

Sandi said...

Grumpy Cat....what a face..ya just gotta love that his name?

Hope said...

Wow, week four got here way too fast! I love the spread this week, so distinctly Australian.

You got some great photos of the fireworks. Did you use a tripod?