Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The 12 Months of Christmas

The time had come to pack away the Christmas decorations for another year.

Out came the boxes and the tissue paper,  the marker pen and the sticky tape, all ready to box up Christmas and pack it away for another 11 months.

 As I packed away all those special treasures, it occurred to me that the Christmas season goes WAY too fast. Life gets so busy in the month or so leading up to Christmas, and there just isn't enough time to create everything that I want to create...or decorate the way I want to decorate...or wrap gifts the way I want to wrap gifts.

 By the time I think about advent calendars and Christmas tree skirts and new Christmas stockings to hang, I am usually so immersed in the chaos of the season that there is just no time to make any of this stuff! And then there's my Pinterest board, which is chock full of awesome, creative and magical Christmas goodies that I swear one day I will make...if only the Christmas season wasn't so crazy busy!

So then I got to thinking....what if, instead of waiting until Christmas to think about Christmas, we started thinking about Christmas right now? What if we made a list of all the goodies we would like to make, and committed to making one project each month?

I knew exactly where I would start...

 ...with these little ornaments designed by Sweetwater, which I've been meaning to make for the last few years with the labels I bought, but have never quite found the time.

So....what do you think? Are you in?

I had a crafty catchup with my lovely friends Tracey and Linda today, and not only are they in, but they added some must-make Christmas goodies to the list, organised our making schedule, and set the date for our next catchup to create our first project together...those girls are organisers! I've also heard whispers that my friend Hope might be in too ;)

Why don't you join in too? We are thinking a Christmas tree skirt for February...you know, a cute little mat to sit your Christmas tree on? (I currently use an old green towel, so anything is going to be an improvement LOL) There are lots of free tutorials on the net...just type "Christmas tree skirts" into your search engine, and you're on your way :) Of course, anything Christmas-y is more than acceptable...be it a gift, a decoration, Christmas cards, whatever takes your fancy....as long as it gets you on your way to a more organised Christmas 2013! And of course, we'd love to see when you're done, so a link would be much appreciated :)

I started making the ornaments above today as my January project, and my aim is to finish each project  by the 25th of the month....so I'll show you some pics before then. If you have an unfinished Christmas project, now might just be the time to knock it over :)

The 12 Months of Christmas...it has a certain ring to it, don't you think?

TTFN xxx


Anthea said...

Suzi you are so right - it's hard to think straight during Advent, about making Christmas-y items like gorgeous tree deco's and tree skirts, so to do it gradually through the year is such a great idea. For years now I have made things during the year, feels so good to pull it out in Dec with no stress about finishing it!!
I will keep an eye on what you & your friends are making, and might join you for some items! x

Tracey said...

I'm in LOL! Heres to be organised for Christmas.
love me :-)

dawn said...

I couldn't have said this better myself Susan!! This has been my goal for 2 years now yet I let life get in the way, NOT THIS YEAR!! COUNT ME IN!! There is so many things I want to make and do also, will start getting my ideas ready, I already had planned to make a Christmas binder like Tracey's and add stuff in all year. SOOOOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS and will be so much more fun knowing all of you are doing this too.
Susan, I LOVE these ornaments, SERIOUSLY LOVE THEM!!

First on my list will be my binder and plans and hopefully at least one project done. Will skip on the tree skirt since ours is the one we got our first Christmas so I keep using it and the kids LOVE IT! Might make a tiny one though if I can learn to sew fast enough and put it under one of my mini trees.

Oh and I have those same green/red ornaments in your firt photo.

I already picked out my color for the holidays too. Kraft, red and white, YIPPEE!! Want to do a lot with nature and homemade things.

Feeling so inspired by this, thanks Susan!!

I LOVED THE VIDEO, will be doing one soon for all of you too.
WOW that was a loooong comment, sorry but I'm excited!! HUGS!

Sandi said...

hi Suzi, I have been stalking your blog for the last couple of months and love this 12 months of christmas - I could have written what you wrote myself...and a tree skirt is on my list for this year too..and stockings and etc etc...lol
I would love to join in - are you making individual lists or one list for everyone...I may be a little slower with my tree skirt - have been thinking of doing one with lots of applique on it..might take two months if thats ok, but I will try and keep up...

Hope said...

Yes indeed, I am in! I will have to get a wriggle on with my WIPs.

Sheryl said...

Oh Suzi what a great idea, I have quite a few Christmas projects in the cupboard that need to be done, hmm tree skirt, I love them just can't see one draped over the fresh Christmas tree stand without it getting wet (have to water the tree so it doesn't drop too many needles) maybe I could make a small one to sit around a little artificial tree I have... also saw some beautiful gift tags to make back mid December I could start them now....
count me in :)

Linda said...

Oh dear you and Tracey have got a project for January I had better do something quick. Ha pot holder sounds quick.