Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Dilemma...chocolate required!

I have a dilemma.

I find myself at the beginning of a four day break from all, school (holidays started today...yipppeeee), even housework if I so choose :) I have a house full of chocolate to keep me going, and a stash of delicious fabrics to play with...and my fingers are itching to start something new. I'm touching the fabrics in my stash, I'm looking through quilt patterns that I want to make, I'm surfing the net looking at colour combinations.

Sigh. I love fabric.

Ideas are literally racing through my many beautiful fabrics just waiting to be cut into! And time, precious time, to cut, and piece, and sew, and dream! The possibilities!

And then I turn my head sideways, and see the quilts that I currently have "in progress" :( They range from the one that just needs a bit more quilting and then binding (Little Bluebirds) to the almost finished quilt top (A Family Gathering) to the one that I'm quite behind in (Farmers Wife)
to the ongoing one that needs a couple more stitches to be up-to-date for April (Some Kind of Wonderful).

And I know that starting a new project is probably NOT the go...not yet, anyway.


Better get searching for my "finishing off" mojo. I think it's hiding at the bottom of my M&M jar :)

What are you up to over the Easter break?

TTFN xxx


Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Maybe you need to start something new to get back that "finishing off mo-jo" back? Maybe start something that you think you can finish(a top maybe) in the four days you have. I did this recently and made my Hopscotch quilt(top) in a weekend ... it is do-able and it feels great. Go on, grab some chockie and start cutting :o)

Anonymous said...

Awesome fabrics, just beautiful. I'm with you, while I have plenty of in-progress projects, my head has ideas for new things. I don't think it ever ends. Enjoy yourself and do what YOU want!

Tracey said...

You make me laugh... that to do pile in my room is growing too, what the hell start something new LOL.
love me :-)

Linda said...

Ah go on start another one you can then add it too the list of UFO 's

Jill said...

I say just eat the chocolate. Just kidding. Those fabrics are so great, they're giving me heart palpatations. I can totally see why you're tempted to start a new project! Whatever you decide to do~~ enjoy!

Cardygirl said...

Have fun with whatever you do! Do what you want and start something new...Easter is a time of birth! Enjoy!

Hope said...

Finish Little Bluebirds! You know you want to ;) LOL

If you can't find the motivation to finish something, I think you should cut into Ruby and do that little banner quilt.