Friday, April 6, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week Thirteen

First up, thank you for all your comments and suggestions on my "dilemma"...they definitely made me smile! After initially going with Jill's suggestion ("just eat the chocolate"), I made a firm decision and went with it! Hopefully I will have something to show you over the next little while, and my chocolate-induced headache will have subsided LOL

Onto Project Life, and for the first time in AGES I am actually up-to-date with my double-page spreads (and yes, I celebrated with chocolate...again. MUST stop doing that!)

I used quite a bit of "This and That", a new range by Echo Park Paper Company. The hot air balloon is super cute, don't you think?

The journal cards are from the Project Life kit, but I added some border lines and stickers for a bit of interest.

The blurred-out photo is my husband...when I took it, he was quite adamant that it not go on-line in any form :) I can live with that :)

So that takes us up to the end of March with Project Life...and amazingly, I have kept up with it. My thoughts so far? I sort of love it, but sort of don't :)

When I look back on everything I've documented, my heart fills with joy, and I am thrilled to have it all written down. When I look back on my blog lately, though, I notice that not much is getting done EXCEPT Project Life ( and a bit of stitching here and there)...which makes me a bit sad. This is probably more of a reflection of my lack of crafting time lately, but I DO spend a lot of time thinking about what photo I'm going to take each day, and what stories I'm going to tell etc etc...and then there's the photo printing each week! Will this be a yearly thing for me? Not sure at this stage :) Love the the record of stuff...but need to get into the swing of it a bit more, I think.

How are you going with Project Life? Are you loving it, or still struggling a little, like me? Would love to hear your thoughts :)

TTFN xxx


Linda said...

Week 13, wow now I feel waaaay behind. I feel like you, don't seem to be doing much else and get stressed if my pl is not up to date ha.

Lydia said...

:D nice job mummy, keep it up!

Hope said...

Well done for keeping it up - I don't think I would have. You're a quarter of the way through the year! Woohoo! It will be a truly wonderful thing to have.

By the way, your petrol is nearly 13 cents cheaper than ours :(

Tracey said...

I love it and it will definitely be worth it. I don't really worry about a photo a day I just record what I have and sometimes that's just words
Love me :-)

dawn said...

I love all the bits and pieces you added, yes that hot air ballon is CUTE!!

Great job catching up!!

When I did my first PL, this is how I felt thru the year also. I loved LOVED it and some days it felt like a chore. The second year got much better and the concept seemed so awesome and having these little bits of memories really impacted me that year. What made a huge difference the 3rd year was making it a weekly and finally just playing with it. NO STRESS JUST FUN!! It was so much easier to just take pics thru the week and then once a week choose the photos I wanted and write a little bit. I even did some weeks with just words and some paper weeks and no photos. You really have to make it work for YOU!! This year has been fun since adding collages and my own pesonal homemade touches to it. It's taking me back to the excitment of the first year, feels kinda new again to me.

You could do like my pages are also and just keep most weeks or your busy weeks simple. Just a photo and some words, no fancy stuff. This way you have time for all your other crafty fun.

I promise you at the end of the year it's soooooo worth it. We love going over our books and see how much change their is in the kids.

Hope this helps a little, email me or let me know if I can help more.

I keep forgetting to tell you that your TO DO LIST on your blog is so cool. Love that you make this list each month, might need to borrow your idea!! Sorry for the long book again, can't help myself.