Monday, April 9, 2012

I thought this day might never come...

I must have written this blog post in my head a hundred times or more :)

After all, it's been three years (almost to the day) since stitching commenced on my Little Bluebirds quilt, and I have been dreaming of it hanging on my wall for most of that time.

This quilt has spent A LOT of time in my work basket. And almost just as much time in my too-hard basket :)

Not that it was terribly hard. The pattern is by Janelle Wind, and she does the best instructions...I have used her patterns for many projects over the years, and she explains each step very clearly. No...I made this one hard all by myself :)

This Easter long weekend, with my fingers itching to stitch and my desire to start something new almost overwhelming me, I pulled Little Bluebirds down from the top of the bookcase, and assessed what needed to be done (my eldest daughter forbid me from starting something until this quilt was finished!)

I set up my workspace on the dining table, Easter eggs by my side, and haven't moved far from it since...please don't laugh at my PJs and bed hair :)

I quilted until boredom set in...quilting is NOT my favourite thing...and then quilted some more. Then came the scalloped binding...again, not my favourite thing...but I was determined not to put this quilt away until it was finished. When I needed a break, I would post an update on Facebook, or email my friend Hope, and the words of support and encouragement kept me going...thank you sweet friends xxx
(this is starting to sound like an acceptance speech LOL)

Finally, with fingers throbbing and my ipod playlist exhausted, I put in the final stitches....YAY!

And with that, I can officially cross Little Bluebirds OFF my to-do list once and for all :) pull out some new fabrics....WOOOHOOOOOOO!

TTFN xxx


Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

It is beautiful and such a lovely finish. Now you go and pull some fabrics and have some fun but remember to look up at your new finish and admire it. hugs, Sharon

Lisa Leggett said...

It's GORGEOUS! It's compltetly worth an acceptance speech, my friend! All that embroidery, all that applique, all those perfect corners, PLUS scalloped binding? WOW! Well done, Suzie!

Jenni said...

Love the colours you've used!

Anonymous said...

I love it, and that binding is perfect for it! Well done!

Linda said...

Hooray, it looks wonderful, can't wait to see it IRL.

Anthea said...

That quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Three years & finally done - good on you for finishing it! I must say the idea opf scallop binding frightens me, LOL

Cardygirl said...

Looks great (you do too!)...well done!

suzitee said...

Squeeeee!!!! Oh my goodness, Susan!!! I love everything about that quilt-- bluebirds, polka dots, turquoise/pink/red, and that adorable swirly scalloped edge on the binding!! I love it! Well done, you talented girl!!

dawn said...



This is so beautiful, everything about it. I realy love the blue color in it mixed with the red. It all looks amazing together. GREAT JOB!!!

What also impressed me is the self portrait you took, you look great and I love that you stayed there till it was done.

Second but not last is your sweet daughter, this will show her not to give up on things that seem impossible, what a great example you just set for her. So add SUPERMOM to the list above!

Also add PROUD to the list, you should be very proud of yourself and pat yourself on the back.

Sorry to write a book, but I write from the heart and to me it's more then just the quilt it's the story behind it too.


Anthea said...

Yay Suzi! You get a BIG write-up on Janelle Wind's blog, you inspire us all...x

Chookyblue...... said...

well done on your bluebirds is a beautiful quilt.........wished I had done it but the only BOM's i could find were in the aqua at the time so didn't.........lots of stitching so it would probably have stayed a UFO at my place........