Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lots to smile about!

It seems I've fallen a wee bit behind with my Snapshots in June photo challenge...as is the way when you have a long weekend, and you forget to take your camera with you wherever you go, and....blah blah :)

(photo source)

So what made me smile today?

My DH taking it upon himself to clean the windows...sigh....love that man :)

And yesterday? A picnic in the park with friends, the perfect way to spend a long weekend.

I forgot to upload Sunday's photo, but getting started on covering the pelmets in my living area was the subject...the photos weren't that interesting anyway ;)
Thanks for visiting, especially those of you participating in the challenge...I will be popping in on you soon :)
TTFN xxx


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

LOVE the cupcake poster - very sweet!

No wonder you are smiling - a DH that helps with the cleaning - gotta love that.

Linda said...

New pelmets are you making them? Well done Rob, Andrew was the last one to clean the windows around here, we seem to be lucky you and I.

Beckie said...

I love the cupcake poster too!! I don't think Ryan knows how to clean windows, he does know how to do the dishes and washing, so I won't complain!! LOL