Saturday, June 26, 2010

Making do...and July Ribbon Club!

In it's previous life...before it became craft room was a home office. On the walls of this home office hung lots of sporting memorabilia - framed prints of football legends, golfing heroes and the like. When the sports fans moved out, they (thankfully LOL) took all their sporty stuff with them, but left lots of screws in the wall. Lots and lots of screws in the wall.

In an ideal world, I would call in the painters :) Not only would they remove all the screws and fix the holes, but they would revitalise my space with a stunning colour scheme to match all my brand new, colour coordinated, top-of-the-line custom built storage :)

In the real world...we make do with what we have.

We hang a cute Welcome sign, and cover the screw with a bit of bling.

We hang a banner from two of the screws, and hang it strategically so it covers a couple more. And at the end of a week where very little craft has taken place and we are desperate to create something (anything) , we whip out the Slice machine and cut butterflies in various sizes and lots of colours to cover a few more...

Could I love it any more, if it was a professional paint job? Probably not....LOL...although that storage would be great!
The girls at Tomorrows Memories gave me the July Ribbon Club to play with, and this is what I made...

I deliberately kept the design simple...I think the gorgeous ribbon can hold it's own, don't you?
The LO is also pretty simple because...well....that's the way I do things :)

I've stitched the olive ribbon in place across the LO, and created loops behind the rosette with it too.

The rosette is created with another piece of ribbon from the Ribbon Club...I gathered one edge of the ribbon, pulled it up to form a rosette, then finished it off with a fabric brad. The pink flower ribbon is attached with coloured brads, and I cut individual flowers from it to create the background. There are lots of beautiful lengths of ribbon in this pack...and there are still some packs left at the shop if you'd like to have a play too!
TTFN xxx
P.S. The inspiration for the butterfly wall came from here.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your craft room just keeps getting prettier and prettier! Love the welcome sign and those sweet butterflies. Such an inspiring workspace.

Tracey said...

Now you know I love the it all, and those butterflies. Who needs a professional painter when you have you.
Great job, I love it and love the cards and layout too. And there is nothing wrong with "simple".
love me :-)

Kris said...

Loving the Butterflies.. I should do it in Elise's room!