Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Friday everyone...

And not only is it Friday, but it's also the beginning of school holidays here in not-so-sunny Perth....YAY! Roll on lazy days, sleep-ins and time with the kids....LOVE holidays.

I have been busy creating another Christmas LO, and yes, I am almost over Christmas for the time about you? LOL

This one features the last of my photos from 2003...

and yes, in real life, these people DO actually have names and faces :) but since I am no longer in contact with these girls, I thought I should hide their identities! Truth be told, it is probably less offensive to show their faces, as the photo DOES look sort of weird, but what do you do? LOL (and no laughing at my longish hair please hee hee).
More older products on this LO too...yay! Some paper from the MM Holiday range, also Basic Grey Fruitcake, Felt Fusion and Daisy D's rub-ons from a couple of years back. I have to say, again, it feels SOOOO good to be using some stuff from my stash :) I have no Christmas photos left from 2004, so am now up to 2005, but may leave these for another time, I think.
I also resisted the urge to sew on this LO...a rare thing these days. In response to a question I have had about sewing (hi Linda xxx) , i haven't found that it has damaged my sewing machine at all. My only tip is to make sure you keep a seperate needle for sewing on paper, as it tends to blunt them too much for re-use on fabric. Other than that....GO FOR IT! Sewing would have to be my all-time favourite scrapping technique. The thread can help to unify your project, without overwhelming it, and it also adds that little bit of detail that a LO sometimes needs.
Another tip while I think of it :) Don't sew over your adhesives, as this gums up your needle, and the sewing machine doesn't like it AT ALL. I usually lay my double sided tape a couple of centimetres away from where my stitching will go...just a little bit of tape to hold the paper, not your usual amount, as the stitches will do the holding for you.
Hope that helps :)

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texmorg said...

Thanks for the tips am going to try it on the hols. Love the hair and i thought that you guys from the east called it a tuck shop not a canteen?
XX Linda