Sunday, September 14, 2008

Proud Mummy Moments

I realise that I may be boring you all to death with trampolining news :) but I promise this will be my last post about it for a while (and to be quite honest, after all the extra training sessions over the last few weeks, I am pretty much over it myself LOL)
Riley competed in the WA State Championships for Trampolining today, and won the SILVER MEDAL! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO! He and his partner also won Bronze in the Synchronized Trampolining awesome result!

Now I have a confession to make. I didn't actually take these photos myself (much as I wish I did LOL)...they were taken by Michelle Shoosmith, Mum of said synchro partner and very talented photographer. She has recently started her own photography business...check it out at

Confession number 2...these photos were actually taken a while back at a tramp competition, not today! BUT...this is pretty much what he looked like today :)

I never take any photos of the actual competition...I am always just a little concerned that my flash might go off, which can be disastrous in the high-risk sport of tramp. The judges have also been known to deduct marks from the competitors scores for a flash going off, and I am usually pretty busy holding my breath and peeking from behind my fingers while he is competing anyway!
OK, now I have all the trampolining out of the way, we might be able to get back to some scrapping and stitching and's hoping!


Chris Millar said...

Congratulations to Riley!!! That's a fabulous achievement!!

texmorg said...

Be a proud mummy as much as you want...where is the photo of Riley and his medals????
Well done.