Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Night Confession :)

I love kits...all kinds of kits, but especially those of the scrapbooking/cardmaking kind.

There are times when you have the time to create something, but the mojo isn't really flowing IYKWIM? That's when kits really come into their own. You can still make something beautiful, without having to think too hard, or rummage through your stash for just the right bits.

Today was just that sort of day, so I reached for one of the kits that I picked up at Tomorrows Memories, and started creating.

And voila! I have made ten beautiful Christmas cards! Nothing too difficult in these ones, but I love that I have actually started preparing for Christmas. (There were still a couple of these kits at the shop last time I looked, if you want to make some, too!)
Just goes to prove too, that sometimes it's not so much about coming up with some new and fantastic idea, but more the practical part that makes me happy :)
Hope you have done something today that makes you happy xx

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Alli said...

I just bought myself a card kit for this exact reason, sometimes the process of deciding and gathering can be just too much and I love everything is in the pack