Sunday, October 12, 2008

Holidays, mulberries, scrapping and stitching!

Today is officially the last day of the holidays here in WA (even though the kids don't actually go back to school until Tuesday). We've been quite busy the last couple of days, trying to cram in the things that we wanted to do, but didn't get around to earlier.

We went bike riding yesterday, and discovered a big old mulberry tree, packed full of juicy, ripe mulberries! It brought back lots of childhood memories for me...our neighbours had a tree when I was little, and we'd stuff ourselves. I used to love the silkworms too, and would collect them in an icecream container. Good times. Shame they leave such STUBBORN stains though LOL.

I did a little creating this afternoon while the kids were quiet (swimming at the local pool all morning must have tired them out LOL). I was looking through some old copies of Scrapbook Trends, and found a LO by Dawn Hagewood that used some KI Lace cardstock, which I have quite a bit of, so I thought I'd copy it!

As with every time I try to scraplift, my LO turned out quite different to the original, but this is good! Sometimes you need a bit of a kickstart to get your mojo happening :) I have no idea why I dug out these photos from 2005...some rare snaps of me in swimmers, no less! I should point out that it's all straight in real life (looks a little crooked from my photo!)

I also finished another block for my Christmas quilt last night. Things are going a bit slowly on this atm...I have stitching time, but not much time to create the blocks so that they are ready to stitch IYKWIM.

See, it still has the marks from my embroidery hoop on it! I know, I's only little. I'll try to get another block ready tonight :). At the rate I'm going, it may be ready for Christmas.....NEXT YEAR!!!

TTFN xxx


texmorg said...

Where the H is YAMBA? I have never heard of it.
Keep going on that quilt you never know,you've still got two months LOL :)

texmorg said...

Hello its me again, I just happened to be surfing the net, in particular Basic Grey and who has got their LO starring in the gallery. OOOhhh you and Tracey are FAMOUS.
XX Linda