Thursday, October 23, 2008

Taxi Day...

I call Thursday my "taxi day", because I spend most of the day taking my kids from what seems like one end of Perth to the other! Each of them has their own busy schedule on Thursdays, and it seems that it's my job to get them where they need to go :) Whoever came up with the phrase "stay at home Mum" was obviously not referring to me (or any other SAHM I know, come to think of it!) These are the joys!

I often use the phrase "get with the program", and I am very proud to say that my husband seems to be getting the idea. Yesterday I was doing the ironing, and he came in and said something like..."I've got something funny to tell might want to write it down". He proceeded to tell me of a conversation that he'd just had with Merryn that I might want to document. Heelloooo??? We have a breakthrough! He is telling me things that I might want to include in my scrapbook...YAY! So proud....LOL...he is definitely getting with the program!

Anyway, I thought I would break out my new Sassafrass Lass papers and create a page about this conversation between Merryn and her Dad.

Merryn is all about keeping out of trouble at the moment. If there is the slightest chance that she might be busted for doing the wrong thing, she will make up a little white lie to try to cover herself. Very naughty....but also very funny. The trick is not to let her see that you are amused by her.
I used Sassafrass Lass Hog Heaven paper (which is all about HEDGEhogs, not piggy hogs, much to my initial disappointment!). I gave my Fiskars Threading Water punch a woprkout to create the edge around the yellow cardstock, but despite watching a tutorial on YouTube, still managed to stuff up the corners...ggrrrrr.
There is a new Copycatcard challenge...create a card using beads. I haven't attempted mine yet, but have given a little bit of thought to it....maybe tonight? Why don't you have a go too?
I had better get taxi is very much in demand this afternoon!
TTFN xxx


texmorg said...

I know how you feel sometimes you just drive and drive and in between there is not enough time to get any work done.
Great LO the Sassafrass Papers are cute.
XX Linda

Jo Kay said...

Merryn is just TOO cute Susan!! Love the layout - and great photo!
Jo :)