Saturday, October 25, 2008

New stuff from Tim!

I was checking out Tim Holtz's blog this morning, and was pretty excited to read about his new product, Distress Stickles....they look awesome! Anything which produces such an amazing effect with minimum mucking around gets my attention! Check it out at . I don't mind a bit of Kindyglitz here and there (should I be admitting that in public?) but this takes the look to a much classier level. Love it.

I thought I'd put a picture of the new colours here on the blog (see below), and while it was loading, I got the brainwave that you might like to see a photo of when I actually MET Tim...just for a laugh.

So here it is...back when I was playing with different colours in my hair LOL! I was lucky enough to do some classes with Tim a couple of years back when he was here in Perth, and he was very happy to have his photo taken with anyone who wanted a souvenir shot. He was a great his laid back style!
And here are the new release colours...

...which match the colours in his other "distress' lines. Gotta love that. He is also having a giveaway of the complete line to 3 people, so pop over and leave a comment if you are into a bit of glitter! Just be warned though...if you win, I may have to come to your place to check out the prize!
Not much happening here in the way of creating...and not likely to be any time soon either! LOL. Kids are keeping me busy (as usual) and some friends are coming over this afternoon...why is it that 3 kids are such hard work, but when I have 5 here I hardly hear from them? Funny that.
Anyhoo...enjoy your Saturday, and try to find some time to create something!
TTFN xxx


Chris Millar said...

Thanks for the heads up on these Suzi!! I love Kindy Glitz (and I'm not afraid to admit it!LOL) so if these are anything like that I'm sold!!! Love this photo of you and Tim too!

texmorg said...

I will have to let Debbie know as she is the Kindy Glitz queen.
xx Linda

~KRISTY~ said...


melanie said...

thanks for that, I love glitter lol will be looking out for these