Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My happiness...

...has come in many forms today :)

It's visiting the Swan Bells (a tourist attraction here in Perth that I've wanted to climb for the longest time!) and being a tourist in my own city.

It's watching the kids out playing in the beautiful sunshine, making wishes and discovering new things.

It's eating fish and chips for lunch at the Esplanade, listening to the water lapping on the posts and watching the watercraft sail by.

It's a bag full of my favourite lollies, just for me. (The children got their own bag :) )

And it's finally finding a new doona cover that my darling husband and I can agree on! Believe me, this process has taken many years, and I couldn't wait to get home and put it on our bed LOL.
Merryn actually suggested that I take her photo...a highly unusual thing...and posed without any directions from me...she's looking very relaxed, huh? I know it's bright, but I love the fresh colours. We've had a patchwork quilt on our bed for years, and have wanted a new quilt for ages but couldn't agree on anything! I really didn't want to tackle making another patchwork one either. Can't wait to snuggle into those yummy big pillows :)

Back with a new LO shortly

TTFN xxx

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Chris Millar said...

Wow, Perth looks so pretty! What a beautiful day out it was. Love the new doona cover too!!
All your recently layouts are so beautiful Suzi!