Friday, October 17, 2008

Is it any wonder....

...that my mojo is missing in action? Have a go at these eyes...

Yes, it's hayfever season, and I have got it BAD! I haven't slept for days, my nose is runny, my eyes are itchy, my mouth is itchy and I feel like cr*p! I haven't done anything creative in a while either, because by the time I get the kids to bed, my eyes are ready to close! Blah. None of the drugs work, either. I paid $40 for 28 tablets today...a new "miracle" formula...NOT!!!

So, I will stop whingeing now...but don't expect too much creativity happening any time soon LOL!

And what do I do when my creativity has gone walkabout? Yes, I reach into my stash of kits!

This one is from Tomorrows' Memories, and is a LO from the Me Myself and I Create series. I usually go to the class, but had to miss a couple a while back, so I bought the kit instead! A good thing, really, beacause the way I have been feeling, I really couldn't be bothered coming up with anything original! LOL!

Anyhoo...thanks for putting up with my moaning today :) and if you know of any good hayfever drugs, I will be your friend for life!

TTFN xxx


texmorg said...

Oh Poor you! Sorry I dont know of any miracle drug to help you. The LO loooks great I actually made it to that class it was good fun as usual.
Hope that you are feeling better for the weekend.
xx Linda

Chris Millar said...

Hi Suzi, gee, those eyes do look sore!! You poor thing - I couldn't stand it!
I clicked on your layout and read all your journalling (hope you don't mind) great answers - loved reading them!!!