Friday, October 3, 2008

Pull Aparts

And no, I am not talking about the yummy bread from Bakers' Delight LOL.

I am describing my scrapbooking experiences of the last few days :( It seems that everything I have made lately I have pulled apart! You know the ribbon LO from the other day? I made the mistake of sitting it on my display easel next to my scrapping desk, and for some reason a couple of the ribbons just kept asking me to take them off. So I did, but not without ripping the paper underneath, which then presented a whole new problem! Do you ever have days like that?

The we come to this LO....

It wasn't created without it's share of paper ripping too (and I don't just mean the bits that a meant to look ripped LOL). My poor son was horrified to see me tearing the whole LO to pieces right before his eyes! Ahh...the frustrations!

I love the end result, though :). I really want to record how my kids came by their nicknames in their albums, so I started with Lydia. She is , and always has been, "Fairy Floss" and she didn't know why when I asked her. This photo brought back so many beautiful memories for me...I love babies, and she was just gorgeous.

I have used some Melissa Frances paper, some October Afternoon paper, and some of my favourite tiny MM those letters!

We are off to the Perth Royal Show today, so I'm guessing there won't be much creative stuff going on around here...but maybe lots of new photos to scrap after that!

Have a great Friday!

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texmorg said...

The paper goes so well with Lydia's nickname. Love this LO.
Hope you had fun at the show, I bet you're tired tonight.
XX Linda