Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Show...and some decision making.

We had a fantastic time at the Show... so glad we made the effort this year! I'm noticing as the kids get older, I am enjoying these things more and much less planning and organization required. We didn't even take the stroller this time, and the kids walked and walked and didn't complain even once. Merryn did all the usual kiddie stuff...clowns and merry-go-rounds and kiddie boats. I am really going to miss this stuff when she grows up a bit :(

The dodgem cars were great fun too. We met up with some friends while we were there, and I handed the camera over for once...yay me! Mel took some great shots, and it was so nice to look through them all this morning (thank you Mel xxx).

The kids went on lots of rides, and patted lots of animals, and ate lots of food, and generally had a great time. They are still fossicking through their showbags and eating lollies, so it's all good LOL.

We've had a very lazy day today, and I've done a lot of paper shuffling, if not so much scrapbooking LOL.

For a long time now, I've been trying to decide what to do about the hundreds of $$$ worth of Creative Memories albums that I bought way back when I first started scrapping. The method really doesn't work for me these days...the whole chronological scrapping thing especially doesn't work for me, actually! I still have many baby photos of Riley that I haven't scrapped, and I balk at trying to scrap them in order so as to put them in the CM albums...see my problem?

So today I bit the bullet, and made a decision. There is far too much money wrapped up in these albums to just ditch them (as tempting as that is LOL) but they are also hindering my creative process, so.....

I am going to live with them. I will fill the empty pages that I have, but only the ones that have something on the back (IYKWIM) more pressure! Any other LO about Riley as a bub can go into the gorgeous American Crafts black leather 3 ring albums that I use for everything else. Done.

So, I made the LO above as the title page for his CM album...I kept it basic, because anything too fancy would look a bit out of place in this album! (Try to picture lots of paper piecing and photos cut into circles, ovals and other more creative (???!!!) shapes, and you will get the picture!) I have a few more pages to fill, but after that, I am done.

And then...well, I can scrap the baby pics as I feel like more pressure to get them in just the right order! Phew!

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texmorg said...

Glad that you had a good time at the show the photos are great.
I dont know what a CM album looks like-cant you take the pages out and put your own in?That's a gorgeous photo of Riley (my hasn't he grown)
xx Linda