Friday, October 31, 2008


Yes...I let my children go out in public looking like this :)

She REALLY didn't like me putting knots in her hair!

Who IS this revolting looking person? LOL

They take so much pride in the fact that they look ugly...the uglier the better! Only on Halloween :)

And just so that she didn't feel left out....

... a "spooky" Halloween t-shirt!
Here's to Halloween...anything that involves lollies and chocolates can't be all bad!
TTFN xxx


Leisa from Scrapsidaisy said...

Okay I showed Maddie & Jordan these shots..Maddie squealed OMG! and Jordy said "Awww I just want to see Merryn again!" - he loves her so much!
Great make up Lydia and Riley...your face has aged a lot since we saw you

Beckie said...

Love your chrissy page Suzi, the tree looks awesome.

And you kiddies look...... scary LOL. Except the little one, she is adorable.