Friday, October 24, 2008

That magical sound...

To a hayfever sufferer in Spring, there is no sound more wonderful than rain on the roof. Rain magically settles down all the pollens in the air, and brings much welcome relief to the nose-blowing, eye-rubbing and wheezing that has dominated the last week or two. May it rain for days and days and days!

I have finally been able to focus on making my Copycatcard for this week, which is to incorporate beads on a card. Let me just say....I am SOOOOO not a bead girl. Trying to find a bead was hard enough, and then putting it on a card? Hmmm.

I did my best. The cream card is embossed with a Christmas tree (just in case you can't tell), and I have then decorated the tree with green microbeads and red seed beads. "Christmas again?"... I hear you say. In my defence, these are the only beads that I own, so the options were quite limited from the start! I have adhered the beads with Dimensional Magic, which SHOULD hold them in place, and used some Making Memories Fa La La paper to back the embossed tree.
"Merry Christmas" is stamped with Staz-On ink onto a transparency, which is held in place with red brads.

Happy Friday ...hope the weekend holds lots of good times for you. Oh...and lots of rain!

TTFN xxx


melanie said...

Love your card, very pretty. I have just finished mine I used dimensional magic too for the beads.

texmorg said...

Not a bead Girl!! hmph if I remember correctly the first time I ever scrapped with beads was in your class!!!!
The embossed tree looks great-was that a cuttlebug?
For your sake I hope it keeps on raining.

Suzanne said...

Your card looks great. I dont really use beads on anything either.
It was nice to hear the rain this morning, but not liking the thunder storm at the moment.