Monday, October 27, 2008

Pink Ribbon Day

Today, Monday October 27th is Pink Ribbon Day, which raises funds to aid in the search for a cure for breast cancer.

Breast cancer affects so very many families...if not directly, then indirectly. My son came home from school today, and told me about a young boy in his class who was crying this morning before school. When asked why, this little boy replied that today was Pink Ribbon Day, and that his Mum has breast cancer. It still brings a tear to my eye, just writing that sentence. Our family has been affected, too, and it makes me so sad to say that my girls have a family history of breast cancer. Luckily, due to the research already done, the disease did not prove to be as devastating as it could have...but it makes me realize how vital it is to support the research, and give if you possibly can.

The girls at Scrapsidaisy are holding a "Girls Night In" tomorrow of hundreds all over Australia, I would imagine. In conjunction with this, Leisa is holding a little cyber challenge. Scrap a page using pink, and post on the forum by Thursday at 12noon. The winner will receive a pack of pink scrapping goodies, courtesy of Scrapsidaisy. Why not have a go? I know I will be pulling out my pink stuff to take part!

Please consider making a donation this week to support the Cancer Council...every little bit helps.

TTFN xxx


Sharon S said...

Thanks for the reminder Suzi. In the rush around here I had almost overlooked today. It's amazing to see so many places, especially retailers take this on board.

texmorg said...

I agree Susan a very worthwhile cause and one close to my heart.
Thanks for reminding eveyone