Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Christmas Card Party

I may have mentioned before that my sweet 7 year old is a craft-a-holic. Like many of her friends, she is caught up in the Christmas spirit, and can't wait to post out her Christmas school, they "post" their cards in a special box, and every day, Santa's helpers deliver the cards to each classroom. We decided that a little Christmas card making afternoon would be the perfect way to get into the spirit of things, and give some of her friends with "non-crafting" Mums a chance to play with some paper and cool scrappy Christmas stuff...most little girls LOVE cardmaking!

So we had a little Christmas get together. Merryn and I spent the day preparing lots of yummy food, like green biscuits with sparkly toppings, and red and green M&Ms, and other festive fare...

and cutting up papers and embellishments so that the girls could create some card masterpieces for their festive giving :) I probably should admit here, the preparations were REALLY fun! Each child had their place at the table with all the goodies they needed to create 3 planned cards (some had never made a card before, so I thought this would take the pressure off a bit), and then they had extra cards and lots of goodies on hand to do their own thing.

Lydia was in her element! There was an awful lot of giggling happening up her end of the table :)

These are the sample cards.

I forgot to take a shot of all the cards lined up...there were HEAPS of them.
Since we are friends with the families of these little girls, we invited the siblings and parents to stay on for a little Christmas party afterwards, which was lots of fun! I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends in our lives.
And now it's the weekend. Ours is full with dance rehearsals, birthday parties and tramp competitions (again!!!) and I hope to find a bit of time to start making Christmas dresses for my girls..busy busy!
Hope you have a great one!
TTFN xxx

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texmorg said...

What a great mum you are,I bet all the girls think you are really COOL!
That's what christmas is all about. I just spent the day making biscuits with Pina boy was I over them when we finished I haven't even tried one.
XX Linda