Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Today I am wondering if I am the only scrapbooker in the whole world not doing one of Ali Edwards' December Daily albums. These albums are popping up on blogs everywhere, both here and in the U.S, and I am wondering if the concept really is that popular, or if the blogs I frequent are mostly AE fans...hmmm.

One thing I know, it is making me feel very guilty. You see, last year I made an album about our advent calendar...we did a little Christmas activity every day, and I photographed it and wrote some words, and in January I made an album with an entry for each day. It was really good fun, but quite hard work in the busy lead up to Christmas. We had every intention of doing it again this year...remember I posted the pics of the actual calendar a few days back?...but I'm sorry to say, it just hasn't happened.

Life got in the way.

With ballet concert rehearsals, and Christmas shopping, and tramp training and such, we simply have not had the time (or the motivation, really) to start. So now I am blog-hopping, and seeing all these gorgeous albums appear, and am having a huge case of the guilts that we are not doing our advent calendar, and I am taking ZERO photos, and struggling just to get the Christmas cards under control...ho hum.

It's only the 3rd...I wonder if it's too late to start?

No, better idea! Maybe I will just share a page each day from last years album, and pretend that I am documenting this year!!!!

LOL...maybe not.

Must go and ponder on this a little further....

TTFN xxx


texmorg said...

Dont stress You can only do what you can do,maybe next year we will be prepared like Tracey and have everything organised to start one. You just have to remind me in 10 months.

Hope said...

Hi Suzi, don't feel guilty - the living is more important than the documenting! It's meant to be fun :)

Thanks for the tag. I posted my reply on my blog today and linked back to your blog.