Sunday, December 7, 2008

I wish...

In fact, I really wish that I had something stitchy or scrappy or even cardy to show you...but alas, I do not. Another week has gone by, and I have achieved very little that I can show you here on the blog....must be Christmas!

So...what have I been doing? I have been finishing off my Christmas cards, and am very happy to report that they are ready to post...YAY! I have been Christmas shopping, and am very happy to report that I am almost complete...YAY! I have been working on Christmas dresses for my darling girls to wear to their Christmas functions, and am, they are not quite done, but I had no luck buying a zip in Perth on a Sunday...still no Sunday trading here, and K-Mart (which was only open because it's nearly Christmas!) no longer stocks zips...grrrrrr.

I have also been busy taxiing my children from one end of Perth to the other ...this end-of-year stuff is keeping me busy!

Riley competed at his final comp for the year today, and took out Club Champion for his level on both trampoline and has been quite a year for him!

Trophies today instead of medals :), and talk of competing at National Titles next year....I had better start saving!

Hope all your Chrissy preparations are going well,

TTFN xxx


Chris Millar said...

Congratulations Riley!!!!

texmorg said...

Well done Riley. Not much craft happening here either!:( I cant believe that you have nearly finished your shopping. I have done about half.
I love tis time of year however it is very TIRING.