Sunday, December 28, 2008

Decluttering and dinner sets...

I am having the urge to finish up Christmas. You know the feeling? You decorate your house on December 1st, bring out all the delightful goodies...and then by the time Christmas is actually over, you really can't wait to de-clutter. To pack it all away and get back to a bit of normality.

This will be my course of action over the next couple of days I think.

On that thought, I also feel like I want to get some Christmas-from-years-past scrapping finished up too...please do not groan aloud here LOL. I know, I have subjected you all to quite a lot of Christmas scrapping in the past few weeks, but if you can bear with me just a little longer, I am sure, this too, will pass.

Today I have been alone. All alone. And left to my own devices, I eventually made it to the scrapping table, and created maybe my favourite LO (well, of recent times, anyway). The photo really doesn't do it justice. It is very sparkly and pink and delicious, and I love it to bits :)

I've used October Afternoon Good Cheer papers...a big part of why I am loving it so much. The colours are to-die-for yummy! And coincidentally, match the Daisy D's chipboard letters from a few years back just perfectly. All the silver letters I have cut using the Slice...loving my Slice :) The photos are from 2005, so I'm only a few years behind now.

My other job for the day was to pack away the "good china". I have had this Royal Doulton dinner set since I was 17 years parents bought it for me as a gift for finishing my HSC, and it was all I wanted.

I probably wasn't your average teenager...I subscribed to "Home Beautiful", and had a real thing for cutlery sets, and fine china, and crystal glasses...anything to do with home decor really.

So when they said I could spend my money on whatever I wanted....well, this was my choice. It is packed away at the moment, but every Christmas I carefully unwrap it, give it a wash, and serve Christmas dinner on it. Love it. I took some photos this year, because I can feel a scrapbook page coming on....LOL! Watch this space.
Thank you for leaving a comment when you get the chance...I love to read them and hear your thoughts. A special thank you to Linda who said I look like I've lost weight...LMAO...quite the opposite! Along with the photos and decorations, I am doing a FANTASTIC job of finishing off all the Christmas goodies in my fridge...those rum balls don't stand a chance! I think I hear them calling me now......
TTFN xxx


texmorg said...

We must be 'old souls' as I to have a Royal Doultan set and didnt have to buy a thing for my house when we got married as I had been collecting for years irons,toasters everything i had it.
You are good in using your china they say that it makes it stronger if you use it. Mine cant go in the dishwasher so alas it stays in the
The kids look so young in this LO-gorgeous. Good to see that you have the photo of you and hubby on show.

Suzanne said...

That is a lovely set, I actually had a subscription to home beautiful, when still living with mum and dad.

Hope you get the Christmas cleanup done, we just did it today.

Happy New Year.