Monday, December 1, 2008

Let the countdown begin!

It's December 1st! YIIIPPPEEEEEEE!!!!
The chocolate advent calendars were gleefully broken open this morning, which makes it official...the countdown to Christmas has begun.

We broke with our own traditions again this year, and did our Christmas decorating yesterday, November 30th. The putting up of the Christmas tree is a family event in our house, and as the kids get older, we find that the first of December is not always the best day for one reason or another. So we cranked up the Christmas carols, donned our Christmas t-shirts (those of us who have one anyway LOL) and got into the spirit of things.

I started with the Christmas card photo shoot...

...which went on for quite a while LOL. I have a camera full of silly faces, crossed eyes, etc etc, but finally got a couple of shots that I can actually use on a Christmas card!

Then we started on the tree...
...always a favourite part of Christmas! We have a system going...Daddy and Lydia do the work in the shed, unpacking boxes and un-bending the branches of the tree. Merryn then does the "deliveries" of the branches to the lounge room, and Riley and I put the tree together. Then we all do the decorating together....and I take lots of photos!

This is the finished tree, chock full of special treasures and hand made decorations. It is always so lovely to unpack years worth of the kids creations to decorate the tree. I'm sure we will have more to add in the next couple of weeks :)
Then we pulled out our advent calendar, our new tradition that we started last year. I bought this cute little tree from Target a couple of years ago, and the first year it held chocolates.

Last year, we filled the little boxes with special Christmas activities to do for every day leading up to Christmas. I took photos every day, and made up a little album to document our December. The kids were so excited to pull this out again, and even more excited anticipating all the fun that's in store for them in the next few weeks! The photo shows the little boxes, all ready for filling. Notice the even piles in numerical order....that would be my son! LOL, he is a very organised little soul.
Let the countdown begin!
TTFN xxx

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