Wednesday, December 17, 2008

End of year thoughts.

The end of the school year is such a special time. To me, it's both happy and sad. I am happy that the year is over, and look forward to a nice long break with the kids at home, and Christmas, and long lazy Summer days. It's also a little sad say goodbye to wonderful teachers, to farewell another year in the childhood of the kids, knowing they will never be quite as young and as innocent as they were this year.

Today we all went to the graduation assembly at the kids school, and I couldn't help but feel a little nostalgic, looking at all those Year 7 kids about to embark on their high school lives. They all looked so grown up, and yet so young and sweet. Lots of emotions happening today :)

I have to admit, I was probably one of the proudest Mums there. Riley and Lydia have both done so very well this year, and were both rewarded for their efforts by winning the "High Achiever" from their class. It was wonderful to have my hubby there to watch this year...made it very special for the children :)

Here is Lydia with her book award...her teacher had each student put in a "request" for what type of book they would like should they win the book award, and a science book is what she requested...hmmm. Winning was a total surprise for her...and it was so lovely to see her face light up as she realised it was her name that was being called.

Riley also won the book award for his class...but he was smart enough to figure out what "the letter" I received last week might have been cookie :) He didn't have any idea that he would also receive a special award for his trampoling achievements this year! He received an engraved pencil/pen set, and his name appears on a special shield that hangs in the school office (for the second time...he won this award when he won gold at State Level gymnastics a couple of years ago).
It was also lovely to watch the children of some of my dearest friends receive awards today...I am so very proud of all of these heart feels like it might burst with pride tonight :)
End of year...such a very special time.
TTFN xxx

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Suzanne said...

Well done to your children, my daughter received the science award and her book is the same.