Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's all over...

...for another year. We've had a wonderful Christmas, filled with special presents,

and fairy dresses,

and more presents,

and Christmas crackers,

and love....lots and lots of love :)

and wrapping paper everywhere, and yummy food (which is still filling our fridge!) and excitement, and Wii, and new bikes, and late nights, and phone calls from our loved ones, and afternoon naps and time spent with each other, champagne and desserts and chocolate!
And that's just the way we like it :)
TTFN xxx

1 comment:

texmorg said...

Hello glad to see that you had a great christmas, We did as well. That photo of you and your husband is great you look so happy.
Have you lost weight coz you look pretty good there unwrapping your presents?
I am of to play/create with some of my prezzies(no slice but).
xx Linda